Door County 70.3 ….I mean 69.35

Door County 70.3 Race report!!

RACE MORNING: As usual before a race I’m up before my alarm. I had it set for 5:30am but woke up at 5am. First thing I did was turn on my phone and check the weather. I knew it looked bad but just wanted to get an idea of what was to come. I also know that there is no service around the race area so I was channeling my inner weatherwoman and really looking at that radar.  At 5:30 I finally quietly (my kids were still asleep in the hotel room) got out of bed and started getting dressed. I put on my tattoos at that time too.  When I opened the bathroom door I was happy to see that my husband was already up and sitting in a chair.  It was about 30min ride to the race venue so I decided I would just eat/drink in the car on the way there to save time. Plus my wave start time wasn’t until 8:45am so I had PLENTY of time.  I wanted to get there around 6:30am. As always I drank 2 Starbuck protein caffeinated drinks and ate some homemade energy balls as my husband drove. The only thing I was really nervous about was the weather 🙁    We had absolutely no traffic and had already parked by 6:35am.  The race uses a local radio station to dispatch news and updates on the race.  On the way to the race venue, they announced over the radio to just hang tight in our vehicle as they were trying to decide what to do about the weather.

We decided to go ahead and just walk down to transition and see what was going on (and to use a port-a-potty of course!). We talked with an official that said to go ahead and set up in transition and they will just keep making announcements on what is going on (which is different then what they said on the radio, but whatever we will do what the official said).  We walked back to our SUV, grabbed my bike and my gear. We then walked back to transition.  I must say I had a AWESOME spot on the rack. It was by race number and mine was right at the end #285 of a rack in the middle aisle!! PERFECTION!! I set all my stuff up and wrapped my bike gear in a trash bag and my running gear in a separate trash bag to stay dry. We knew it was going to rain just didn’t know how severe it would get.  We then walked around some more (more bathroom visits too). We walked to the pier to look at the swim course and the upcoming storm brewing!

Around 8am I was preparing to get on my wetsuit, hop in the water and warm up but it was announced over the intercom that the race was delayed for 90min because of lightening threat with the upcoming storm. We decided to go back to transition and grab just my gear, head back to our SUV and just chill.  There were a few people really upset but most understood that it was not anyone’s fault and the RD was making the best decision he could at the time to keep everyone safe.  They told us at 9am they would have a further announcement if the race was cancelled or still going to happen.  We had also heard that Half Ironman Racine had cancelled their swim, shortened their bike to only 30 miles due to the storm so we were actually feeling a bit lucky if we still got to race!  We honestly just sat in the car and waited. My stomach was still very full from breakfast so I only drank some water and sat.  My husband was desperately trying to text/call my oldest son’s cell and let them know that the race was delayed and just hang tight in the room until we knew what was going on.  I’m thankful that our oldest is a responsible 14 year old or I would have been really worried leaving them in that room by themselves with storms coming.  I’m also thankful they all slept in quite late that morning from what I’m told. We waited until 9am for an announcement over the radio but it never came. We started to see people leave their vehicles and we started asking around. We found out that the race was happening but they were shortening the swim to only a sprint distance in case of lightening (we would be closer to shore) As we were walking back to transition we saw tons of volunteers in the parking lots announcing this news to everyone!  Most of us were just thankful we still got to race. I did see a lot of people just decide to leave because, “I just don’t want to risk it”.

I have some thoughts on that:  1. Every race is a risk 2. If you plan on being successful at triathlons you need to learn how to deal and race with all different weather conditions. Will it be your best race? NO, but you will learn from it! 3. Embrace the suck and just do it! If you need to go slower, practice your bike handling, etc.. 4. If you plan on being a perfect weather triathlete you are going to lose a lot of money on race entry fees and confidence!

SWIM (10:23): I can’t figure out if I was happy or sad because they shortened the swim course. It normally takes me 200-300 meters before I’m comfortable and feeling good in the water.  I was also pre-occupied with what I was going to have to deal with on the bike. Honestly the swim sucked for me! I swallowed a ton of water in the beginning and just couldn’t get a good pattern down. That really isn’t like me. I didn’t panic or freak out but I just felt off. It was also pouring rain so I was having issues seeing the buoys during my sight strokes. I must admit I was kind of glad to be done with the swim. Still curious on what the issue was.

TRANSITION 1 (3:12): DON’T EVER underestimate how hard it is to put on a cycling rain jacket when you are already wet! That was a challenge all by itself! I also had to dig out my bike gear from the trash bag so that took longer too.  Sucky transition! Was also cheered…(yelled at) by my husband and some friends to HURRY UP!!!

BIKE (3:13): What a beautiful bike course and what horrible weather we had to deal with. Downpours, strong winds, standing water…. you name it and we rode through it.  Lots of twists and turns on the ride but not many hills in my opinion.  It really was a struggle the first 40 miles. I tried my best to keep my nutrition in check but when you can hardly see and you feel like the wind is going to knock you over your first priority is typically not to eat, LOL.  I did end of eating 2 bars around mile 25.  I decided to eat them both because it was just lightly raining and I thought it might be my only opportunity! I also tried to just sip on my fluids every few miles and that seemed to work well.  I truly believe in different conditions I could have really flew on this course. My hip flexors were also really bothering me towards the end of the bike. I think that was just me using my legs more to brace from the strong winds I was dealing with. I was glad the bike was over because the sun was starting come out and I had to pee!!! I also had some great fan support as my husband and kids found me on the bike route and some friends saw me too!!

TRANSITION 2 (4:33): This time I had to peel off the wet rain jacket and get my running stuff out of the trash bag.  I was so thankful for dry socks and shoes!! I also had to run to the port-a-potty in the transition area hence the longer time.

RUN (2:06): This is the one area I have been working on the most during my training. Really pushing and keeping my pace on tired legs! At first I was a little worried because my hip flexors were sore but the more steps I took the better they felt. I think they liked being stretched out.  My plan was to run around 9:30-9:40min miles the first 6 miles and just see how I felt. I know my nutrition plan kind of went out the window on the bike so I wanted to give my body some time to adjust if needed. I also decided to walk all hydration stations to make sure to grab some electrolytes to make up for the nutrition on the bike I missed. I also ran with base salts for cramping.   I was really feeling good and around mile 7 my stomach started cramping a little bit. I don’t know why but I took another dose of base salt and decided to just run through it.  I was determined to stay on pace at that point.  Mile 7-13.1 was just a EMBRACE THE SUCKfest! The sun, heat and humidity were out.  I would grab electrolytes, dump the water on my head and then grab some ice to chew on or throw down my tri kit.  I did end up also walking 2 HUGE hills around mile 6 and 10, and believe me everyone was walking up those beasts!!! There really was no way to run up them without losing a ton of energy and possible cramping your calves.  After the mile 10 hill I just kicked it up a notch and passed a ton of people those last 3.1 miles.  I ended up negative splitting that run and was told by many that my pace and form looked strong! That last few miles I kept telling myself you don’t have to run next week if you can keep this pace up LOL.




Nutrition: I used Scratchlabs Hyper Hydration mix (mango flavored) while on the bike. While I’m not a huge sweater I have found through the years that I do lose a lot of salt in my very concentrated little sweat.  I often have salt crystals on my skin after a hot run.  So upping my salt has helped a ton with cramping issues. I used base salts mainly on the run only. I used whatever they were giving out as electrolyte fluid on the run (I think it was Gatorade). The bars I ate were a Sunbutter/dark chocolate concoction.  I think overall I did the best I could with my nutrition especially with the weather obstacles on the bike

Race Venue, Volunteers, etc..:  TOP NOTCH!! This is only my 2nd non branded 70.3 (I have also done some branded Half Ironman–Racine 2X) and it totally beat the other non branded race and was just a little below the Ironman branded  in quality. I do think you get a lot more swag and show with an Ironman branded race, but that is just my opinion.  The course was great!! Roads for the bike were so much better than Racine! Volunteers were great and everything was clearly marked with good communication. I would definitely do this race again!

Enjoy some pictures:

138284-149-033h 138284-149-032h 138284-112-025h 138284-107-026h
















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Climbing out of my comfort zone

Heights scare me! I’m not going to lie I really don’t do well with them. It is my one true fear and my kids falling from heights fear is the absolute worst (which doesn’t help that my youngest has always been like spiderman). When our local YMCA did a silent auction I decided to bid on the 5 personal climbing experience. I knew my kids would love it and I knew I needed to show them what it is like to get out of your comfort zone. I’m a true believer in modeling healthy behavior to your kids.  Here are some pictures: IMG_1600 Why do climbing harnesses always make your butt look HUGE?!?!?!


IMG_1633Almost to the top, lots of deep breaths happening here LOL (notice I’m looking down and probably freaking out a bit)


IMG_1621 Just to prove to people that yes I have muscles 🙂


IMG_1643 The whole family climbing!


I would like to thank Vertical Endeavors of St Paul! Thanks for the donation to the silent auction!  Thanks for not laughing at me.  My youngest (Spiderman since birth) wants to go back every week. I don’t know about that, but I do think we will return as a family to have some fun.

Here is their website in case anyone else wants to have some climbing fun!


What is next for me?

It has been exactly a month since Ironman WI. I’m feeling really good and am back to my regular workouts. I am getting questions about what is next for me so I wanted to share my plan, because I always have a plan! LOL

  1. STRENGTH TRAINING–I so miss some good heavy strength training while I’m in prime triathlon season. I have yet to find a balance of incorporating it into my training plan when I’m getting ready for a long course triathlon.  Free weights, TRX, Kettlebell, bootcamp you name it I’m doing it a few times a week and loving it!
  2. NUTRITION–During prime Ironman training my nutrition got off course a bit. You would think that would be the best time to concentrate on it  but I think I was juggling so much that I was just trying to get enough calories in my day and wasn’t always concerned with what kind they were. So I’m back to tracking it all on Myfitnesspal (MilesofGrit15 if you want to friend me) and getting back to the basics.


I’m going to try and make these soon, I hear they are amazing!

  1. RACES FOR 2016
    1. Door County 70.3, July in Wisconsin. I have only heard great things about this race so it is on my list. I do love Racine Half Ironman but I need a break from those horrible roads for a year. I can’t believe my bike came out of that race in one piece this year
    2. Marine Corp Marathon-this is a lottery race so if I don’t get in then my plan is to run the beautiful Twin Cities Marathon.
    3. Fill in the rest with some fun sprint or possible Olympic triathlons. Just your plain local races that are small and a ton of fun. My oldest son also wants to do some team relay triathlons so I want to get that on the list too. I would swim, husband would bike and son would run!
    1. My goal is once a week to post something on this blog and do some continued ambassador work for Skirtsports and Momentum
      **There will be a Skirtsports giveaway coming next month!

IRONMAN MADISON 2015 Race Report

The morning started off cold and early!! Woke up at 4am and pretty much laid there until 4:15am. I had not slept AT ALL that night, which is not typical I can usually get a few hours of good sleep before the race but again this wasn’t just any race. The temp was about 45 degrees, so I put on my swimsuit and lots of fleece over it to keep me warm! We started off at 4:50am and after a brief google map issue we found the parking garage. I’m very thankful I had my husband with me as my support crew or I would have freaked out at that moment (I don’t do well with getting lost). Oddly my stomach was not the best, it didn’t feel like butterflies but I’m pretty sure that is what it was along with no sleep. I tried my best to get in as much nutrition as I could in.

We got a shuttle to the Terrace where everything is and got there about 5:15am. We dropped off my 2 Special Needs bags and I headed to bike transition to fill up my bike water bottles and do one last check of my tires. They had great bike tech support in transition so I decided to just take my bike to them so they could check the tires. They went to fill my front one up and “POP” the value on the stem came out and it went completely flat….OMG….the younger tech asked if I had a spare tire (which I did) but the older tech said “Oh no don’t worry we just need to rethread the valve, repump, and you should be fine”  Well let’s just say I was not fine and was freaking out a bit especially since my husband couldn’t be in there with me and I had to trust 2 bike techs. UGH, I worried about that damn tire through the swim, transition and first 60 miles of the bike!

I then found my husband after that fiasco and we went inside to keep warm, go to the bathroom (again), and just walk around to help with my nerves. We walked up to the very top of the Terrace and thankfully the water looked great along with a very pretty sunrise! 11143646_10206512463723026_4463787388272135669_o


At 6:15 Team World Vision was going to meet for a quick prayer and then it was time to put on the wetsuit. I had heard to get into the water no later than 6:30am for the 7:00am mass start and honestly I should have headed there earlier than that. I ended up just standing in line trying to get past spectators like all the other races. I finally got in the water around 6:50am. I was able to take some quick strokes but that is all. With the crowd of racers already in the water there was no way to get in a warm up. So I ended up chatting with fellow racers in the water while we all held onto a paddle board.  I met some firemen that told me about a dead body they had found in the lake a few months ago. Gee thanks guys!! And then one of the fireman started to laugh and say all of us hanging on to the paddle board was like a scene from Titanic and started to recite the lines. LOL, we all had a good laugh. They then announced 5 mins till start and the volunteer told us we had to let go of the paddle board. We thanked her and let go.

If you have never done a mass start with 3,000 racers, well let’s just say it is an experience!!! The gun went off and it was mass hysteria. I got punched twice in the face, kicked numerous times. Instead of trying to draft and sight, everyone was just looking for open water to swim into for relief from the crowd. As usual it took about 500 meters for me to get comfortable. I was able to sight well and find some clear water. After 1,000 meters it started to get crowded again so I just started drafting as much as I could. I didn’t sight stroke forward as much because the sun was in our eyes, but since I breath on both sides I was able to see fellow racers, boats, swim buoys and the shoreline and figure out where I was on the route, so I just kept doing that. About 1/2 way through the swim I also realized that my stomach felt so much better! THANK GOD!! I finished my swim in 1:21 which is what I was predicting it to be.



Here I am wiping my face off. There was lots of seaweed at the end.


Swim to Bike Transition went well. The wetsuit strippers were quick and efficient and I ran up the helix with my wetsuit in hand. There is quite a distance to cover in this transition so that is why this one takes a lot longer.  Headed inside to grab my transition bag and then into the women’s transition room. I quickly stripped off my swimsuit and put all my bike gear on. Right in the middle of this the lights went out in the room…YIKES…It was brief and added a little comedy to the transition.


Got to my bike and THANK GOD my front tire was still full and looked good!! Hopped on my bike and off I went for the next 112 miles of the race.  About 3 miles into the bike I knew I needed to start eating and it was nice and flat so I found my favorite espresso chip Bonk Bar that I was planning to eat first and enjoy. I got 2 bites in then BAM I hit a bump and my bar flew through the air 🙁   The guy behind me yelled while laughing, “Dude, that thing FLEW” LOL  and I was left with 2 bites of a delicious bar in my belly and the empty wrapper in my hand.  LOL  I felt solid on the bike. I took it easy the first 30 miles just focused on pacing, hydration and nutrition. When you get to the loop you get to the hills and sharp curves and turns. WOW is this course the most hilly technical course there is. No wonder it is often ranked as the top 3 hardest Ironman races just based on the bike course.  My pace was solid, I handled the hills well, was extremely focused the whole bike segment which is what I had planned.  I was able to toss my jacket to my husband who was with a co-worker at a tent around mile 43. It was great seeing him and hearing everyone cheer for me. For the rest of the bike my nutrition and hydration is where I wanted it to be. Can’t complain about that!

1144_098378 1144_109062


Bike to Run transition went very smoothly and was much quicker than my other transition which I knew it would be since I didn’t have to strip off a swimsuit and try to dress a wet body with clothes.  I had taken it easy the last part of the bike so my legs would be ready for the run. The weather was PERFECT and I felt good. I headed out on the run with the pace I wanted. I had planned to only take liquid calories during the run because that is what I always do. For the first 15 miles I was feeling really good, legs felt good,pace was good, I was stopping at every aid station for some liquid calories. Then I HIT THE RUNNING WALL….NOOOOO…. around mile 16 I started to get very sharp pains in my stomach to the point I had to start taking walking breaks. I was not happy. I had a goal of under 14 hours and I knew this would throw a wrench in that plan. I decided to be conservative and just keep up my walk/run pacing and get some salt in my stomach to see if that would help.  Around mile 18 I was among other suffering racers and it was starting to get dark. A fellow male racer said, “try the chicken broth I promise it might help and you will like it.” Of course I’m like…chicken broth…that is the last thing that sounds good! But I tried and was surprised that it did help my stomach a great deal and by mile 21/22 I was back to running again.  I was so lucky to see my family often during the run! Just them being there was great!

The energy those last 2 miles is amazing, the music is thumping, the crowds are cheering and you can faintly hear, “_____, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” over a loud speaker. If there was one big goal I had it was to finish running, upright and with a smile at the end!  And I DID!!!

1144_018677 1144_021467 1144_055566 1144_058851 1144_090779 1144_117322

I sadly don’t remember a lot in the finishing chute. I just wanted to finish! I was so focused. I slapped a ton of high fives in the finisher’s chute and couldn’t wait to hear my name…TIFFANY MATTES, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!


It was so great to cross that finish line and see a friendly face  12019876_10206520104272978_2207796129441074819_n One of my husband’s co-worker’s wife (also a triathlete) was volunteering as “catcher” and had stayed longer than her shift to make sure and “catch” me at the finish.



BIB 214
Division 40-44
Edad 40
State MN
Country USA
Puntos 2649
Swim 01:21:07
Bike 07:12:00
Run 05:11:04
Overall 14:05:39

SWIM DETAILS | Division Rank: 52

Total 2,4 mi 01:21:07 01:21:07 02:06/100m 52 290 1290

BIKE DETAILS | Division Rank: 64

Total 112 mi 07:12:00 08:48:15 15,56 mph 64 345 1673

RUN DETAILS | Division Rank: 56

Total 26,2 mi 05:11:04 14:05:39 11:52/mi 56 311 1463

Transition Details

T1: Swim-to-bike 00:15:08
T2: Bike-to-run 00:06:20
 More to come about changes I would have made and what the future holds…and probably more pictures 🙂






11225232_10206126919364658_7865593994453867114_o  I’m finally writing the race report!! It has only been a week, LOL. This race was purely a training race in my eyes. Time to practice and work on a few things before Ironman Wisconsin. These are the pictures my husband took. While he has raced here before, he decided to be my support crew and boy was it nice to have him there!!  The water was a crisp 60 degrees!! I decided to do my typical slow to warm plan. I had my husband help me into my wetsuit and with 20 minutes till my wave start I got into the water and just got use to it.  Let’s just say a lot of people were doing the “Oh–Uh–Ah–” slow dance into the water. It took me about 5 mins before I was totally in. I swam a few minutes to get my face comfortable with the temp and then just floated around talking to other triathletes. Suddenly I saw a woman crying and a man consoling her. She was terrified of the swim and he was trying so hard to calm her nerves. I decided to go and talk with her. I helped her create a plan, 1-2-3 breath count to calm herself in the swim and helped her find the kayaks so if needed she could take a small rest during the swim.  She seemed much calmer after talking about a plan and reassuring her that many first timers have the same feeling. I never saw her again but did think about her a few times during the swim.  I continued to stay in the water until my wave went across the timing mat. At that point I quickly got into line and joined them.


1.2 mi Distance 39:25 Split time 39:25 Race Time 2:02/100m Pace 34th Division Rank

I think my swim went really well. The 1st 200 meters was my usual “feel like I can’t catch my breath or rhythm” self. But right after 200 meters I was feeling good. Good breathing, good sight strokes, comfortable no real complaints here



The junk in my trunk is only a LOT of food!!! Don’t worry I didn’t gain 5 lbs of booty during the swim!


16 mi 53:27 Split time 1:40:14 Race Time 17.96 mi/h Pace
18 mi 1:00:17 2:40:31 17.92 mi/h
8 mi 25:47 3:06:18 18.62 mi/h
14 mi 49:47 3:56:05 16.87 mi/h
Total 56 mi 3:09:18 3:56:05 17.75 mi/h 43rd Division Rank

One thing I will say about the bike route—-IT SUCKED! The roads were truly horrible and in really bad shape. Made for a hard race when you are constantly concerned about your bike not falling apart (which I saw a few times)  This is actually one comment I wrote in the after race survey. They have to fix those roads.  I did a nice job pacing myself on the bike. At the beginning everyone was flying past me but I kept telling myself “run your race”. I had planned to use this race as a training race for IM Wisconsin so I really wanted to practice a few things and pacing was one of them! Bike was great and I was comfortable. I did need to grab some hydration from a volunteer while I was riding but proud to say neither of us died so that is a good thing. Nothing like grabbing a bottle while moving 15mph on a bike!




3.4 mi 35:00 Split time 4:36:30 Race time 10:17/mi Pace
3.2 mi 33:21 5:09:51 10:25/mi
3.2 mi 32:20 5:42:11 10:06/mi
3.3 mi 32:09 6:14:20 9:44/mi
Total 13.1 mi 2:12:50 6:14:20 10:08/mi 40th Divison Rank

The run is usually where I feel most confident then explode! So once again I decided to work on my pacing and start off nice and slow. I can’t tell you how many times I said “run your race” when people were passing me like crazy at the start of the run. But I knew if I was smart I would be passing them around mile 8 and that is exactly what happened. For the last 5 miles of the race NO ONE passed me, I passed a ton of people, and was feeling really good.  The only time I walked was at the aid stations. I always took one cup of water to dump over my head and one cup of Gatorade to drink. I didn’t feel the need for any solid nutrition but it was readily available if I needed it! I was feeling so good at mile 10 I decided to pick up the pace and negative split the run!



Swim: 39:25
Bike 3:09:18
Run 2:12:50
Overall 6:14:20

As always Ironman puts on a great race. Volunteers were great, roads were clearly marked, plenty of cold water, ice, cold sponges, food, etc.. Lots of port-a-potties (no joke that is very important to me!!!) You really do get what you paid for! I can see myself doing this race again (but seriously WI FIX your roads!!!)

Yep, I’m here at the Seven Dwarves of Ironman Training stage



I’m officially here at this stage of training!

Bitchy-Well just ask my poor kids who are on summer vacation. It is not pretty. I hope they forgive me some day

Sweaty-I have never been a sweater but recently…holy moly….I’m sweating like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs

Hungry-You don’t even want to know… I feel like I should live at an all you can eat buffet restaurant

Grumpy-You don’t want to see me in the morning, EVER!

Stinky-There are days with training, work, kids that I don’t take a shower until late at night and I might have had an early workout that day. Not pretty!

Sleepy-I feel like I’m a newborn, pregnant or 90 years old

Asshole-That goes right along with bitchy doesn’t it

**I would like to add Forgetful to the Dwarves. A few weeks ago I was at Target a few days in a row for something I forgot that was ON THE LIST, yes I had it written on a list (shaking my head)

Ugh…morning workouts



Ugh, morning workouts are my nemesis! I’m not a morning person, never have and never will be! But sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I had a long workout planned for this weekend. My husband was out of town, Dad out of town, so that meant early morning to get it done when the kids were sleeping. Saturday I was up at 4:30am (if you call what I looked like up). It looked foggy outside so I knew my 5am starting time was not happening. I decided to wait until 5:20am.

I think I was LOL the whole time as I saw things I normally would never see (and don’t really want to see again). The sunrise–overrated, all sorts of animals scarring the crap out of me. I lost count on how many deer bounded across the road right in front of me. The only good thing was little traffic and no people which is very good considering I didn’t want to be up that early.  A town close by was having a festival this weekend which meant lots of port-a-potties and that was something to be grateful for. Later in the workout I wanted to shout to everyone not how many miles I had done but how early I woke up since that is truly an achievement for me!

The workout was 60 very hilly miles on the bike followed by a 5 mile run. I was glad when it was over and hope to never do that again anytime soon (which means I will probably have to do it next weekend)


13er in Colorado #REALwomenmove

It has been so long and I have had some great adventures since my last update. The biggest one being the 13er in Colorado. This race is put on by Skirtsports whom I’m an Ambassador Captain for. It was great fun! I flew in Friday afternoon and headed to a get together at the Skirtsports headquarters. Beer, Burritos and Cake (Kim and Jake’s Cakes…TO DIE FOR) …..what else does a girl need?  Saturday was a hike and BBQ with fellow Ambassadors. Sunday was the race bright and early at 6:30am. I wasn’t really going to “race” it because I’m in the middle of training, but I thought if I felt good enough I will see what I can do. With a finish time of 2:09 with elevation and a killer hill “Breakup Hill” I thought I did really well and the elevation really didn’t bother me. Except later this week I was totally drained, so maybe I just get hit with an elevation hangover. I think this will become a yearly trip and it was so great to hang out with “my people”.


IMG_1160 My rental car #PUREAWESOME

IMG_1175IMG_1169Hiking on Saturday    IMG_118313er race, meeting up and running with another Ironman training badass!