#REALwomenmove so what does that mean to me? Kind of a loaded question. Being a real woman means accepting myself and my abilities fully. It means loving my used 40 year old, multiple injury, 3 pregnancy carrying body in every way. It means loving my powerful strong thighs and squat butt even if they sag a bit. It means balancing the demands of being a Mom, wife, daughter, employee and triathlete and knowing none of those will be prefect and being OK with that. It means finishing a 9 mile run, then heading straight to the grocery store and being Ok with my hat wearing, no make up, sweaty self. It means kicking butt while wearing a skirt (LOVE my skirtsports!)  Honestly is there anything better than kicking butt and wearing a skirt? I don’t think so……

A little about me…..

Well here I am FINALLY writing on my blog!! A little about myself: I’m a typical busy Mom of 3 kids, Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and endurance triathlete. Right now I’m training for Half Ironman Racine and Ironman Wisconsin. This blog will be about that life balance and journey. I’m hoping for lots of laughs and some good old fun! 10404116_10203696965896283_8325093161073333931_n