Thanks to those that helped me through my injury

Just a quick post of thanks:
1. Thanks to Dr. Andrew Erlandson at EastView Chiropractic. He has been great with his knowledge and expertise of ART techniques on athletic overuse injuries. He really worked with me to create a plan and got me back up and on the road again.  He is also a very nice guy who likes to talk about hockey so you can’t beat that!!!

2. Thanks to my dog, Cal IMG_1035. He is not as fast as he used to be but he does a nice job pacing me on a nice slow steady run and reminding me to stop and take it easy often (or as he calls it peeing on everything and taking a dump somewhere new)

3. As always IMG_1075 Rafael has been there to rub on my butt when no one else would. I love him and his orange tan.

My typical training week (as of right now)

I find that many people are fascinated by those training for an Ironman and usually questions about training come up. How much? How do you fit it in? etc…. This post I will just talk about my typical training for the week and next I will dive into the time management aspect of what my day looks like.

Be Iron Fit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness — is my bible right now! I love the way the author, Don Fink, teaches to look at training a bit different scheduling wise. Typically while training we put everything into distance, but his theory is that we never do that when setting up our day for work and home we always use time segments.  Instead of distance, think of time segments for scheduling to be more efficient in trying to balance everything.  He creates the workouts based on this theory and so far I totally agree with him. **Swim workouts are the only one distance related.

This is my week:

Monday: Swim 3,000 meters + Run 45min

Tuesday: Bike 60min + Run 30min (a true brick workout with little to no break in between bike and run)

Wednesday: Swim 3,000 meters + Bike 60min

Thursday: Bike 3 hours + Run 30min

Friday: Swim 3,000 meters + Run 60min

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Bike 30min + Run 75min


Happy Mother’s Day

This is truly everything to me. This is one of the reasons I do what I do. I want to empower my kids to be their best.
I want my kids to see what it is like to work hard towards a goal. I want my kids to see me fail and see me get up and try again. I want my kids to embrace the suck. I want my kids to see what resilience and perseverance look like.

Why training for an Ironman is much like pregnancy

I have had 3 children so I know a little about being pregnant and this is what I have discovered…..being pregnant = training for an Ironman

–You randomly fall asleep anywhere. I have woken up drooling on myself this past week more than I would like to admit

–You forget anything and everything. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been lost in my house this week or called my kids by the dog’s name


–You get a bit grumpy and moody for no reason

–You have random aches and pains that you can’t figure out where they came from. And thankfully you are so forgetful you forget that you have aches and pains.

–You are constantly getting up and trying to stretch out. It takes a strategic plan to get yourself up off the couch after a hard workout

–You see your sports Chiro or Physical Therapist as much as an OBGYN

–You feel like you need all the gadgets and the newest things to be ready

–You find others like you and instantly you are in the “club” (The Insane Club)

–You know that certain date is in the future. You are scared, excited, fear you will die from the pain, unsure you are ready and preparing properly

–You are pretty sure the whole race you will swear to yourself that you will NEVER do such a thing again. But as soon as they announce your name and put that medal over your head you are already thinking of signing up for the next race.288695_2188747169830_616654468_o

Have you ever been so tired………



Have you ever been so tired that you dreamt you were sleeping? Yep that is me right now. My injuries are healing well so I’m ramping up my training schedule back where it should be. Ugh and those first few weeks….tired…just so tired. Yesterday at 7pm I randomly fell asleep on the couch like some 80 year old, drooling with the TV on in the background.  Last night I had a dream I was at a football game asleep during the game. Yeah that doesn’t even make sense. Then when my alarm went off I woke up in my dream first then woke up again in real life.

Off to another tired day. Coffee please!

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“You should run when it is cooler, like in the morning, it is too hot to run….”

I knew it was coming…that random comment from some walker while I finished my run on a very warm Minnesota spring day. YES!! Mid 80’s is warm to us wimpy hot weather Minnesotans 🙂

I didn’t want to really go into detail with the nice old lady because I was thinking about a bath tub of ice cubes and a cold beer so instead I just nodded in agreement that I’m a moron who choose poorly. But honestly that is not true.



Here are the reasons for my insanity (or at least what she thought was my insanity)

1. I HATE mornings. Ask my family, running in the morning is not a preferred time for me. I do wish I had that ability. That jump out of bed, ready for the day and can’t wait to run ability but I don’t and I’m OK with that. Plus my husband was out of town and my oldest had a hockey game earlier in the day so I had to fit in my workout when I could this day (40min on bike + 75min run)

2. Endurance triathletes often have to run in the heat. It is just part of the race. So it is actually a good thing to periodically run when it is hotter to become acclimated to it because you most likely will have to do it on race day. During the summer I try to do at least one run a week when it is hot just to keep me acclimated.

3. We triathletes seem to like discomfort, we seem to thrive on it. So when adversity is put in front of us (hotter temps for instance) we seem to thrive on wanting to push through it and prove we can do it. We are weird like that.



I confess…I’m having an affair



Rafael is his name. My foam roller has seen more action than my husband lately (sorry honey I still love you) Oh the joys of being a 40 year old endurance triathlete!!

A few weeks ago I was sitting for an abnormally long time one day. I had just gotten a new job and for about 10 days I was working 2 jobs at once. There was one day that I had a 9+hour sitting time and that is when it hit. I remember looking at my laptop and I shifted a bit in my seat, suddenly BAM!! My piriformis muscle instantly went crazy, sharp pains, numbness……NOOOOOOOO!!!!  Only I could injure myself sitting with all the training I’m doing 🙁   About 5 years ago I had piriformis syndrome on my right side, so I knew exactly what was happening only this time it is on my left side.
While it truly hurts to sit, running and biking didn’t seem to bother me. So I carried on with my normal schedule, then suddenly my IT band started to hurt on my right side. This is an on and off injury I have had for 20 years now 🙁  UGH!!!!

Rafael has been my constant companion for 2 weeks now, we have a love/hate relationship. And my poor Sports Chiropractor has seen me once a week.  I know I will get through this but for now Rafael gets to have a close relationship with my ass and I’m OK with that. Plus that orange color, who doesn’t love orange?