11225232_10206126919364658_7865593994453867114_o  I’m finally writing the race report!! It has only been a week, LOL. This race was purely a training race in my eyes. Time to practice and work on a few things before Ironman Wisconsin. These are the pictures my husband took. While he has raced here before, he decided to be my support crew and boy was it nice to have him there!!  The water was a crisp 60 degrees!! I decided to do my typical slow to warm plan. I had my husband help me into my wetsuit and with 20 minutes till my wave start I got into the water and just got use to it.  Let’s just say a lot of people were doing the “Oh–Uh–Ah–” slow dance into the water. It took me about 5 mins before I was totally in. I swam a few minutes to get my face comfortable with the temp and then just floated around talking to other triathletes. Suddenly I saw a woman crying and a man consoling her. She was terrified of the swim and he was trying so hard to calm her nerves. I decided to go and talk with her. I helped her create a plan, 1-2-3 breath count to calm herself in the swim and helped her find the kayaks so if needed she could take a small rest during the swim.  She seemed much calmer after talking about a plan and reassuring her that many first timers have the same feeling. I never saw her again but did think about her a few times during the swim.  I continued to stay in the water until my wave went across the timing mat. At that point I quickly got into line and joined them.


1.2 mi Distance 39:25 Split time 39:25 Race Time 2:02/100m Pace 34th Division Rank

I think my swim went really well. The 1st 200 meters was my usual “feel like I can’t catch my breath or rhythm” self. But right after 200 meters I was feeling good. Good breathing, good sight strokes, comfortable no real complaints here



The junk in my trunk is only a LOT of food!!! Don’t worry I didn’t gain 5 lbs of booty during the swim!


16 mi 53:27 Split time 1:40:14 Race Time 17.96 mi/h Pace
18 mi 1:00:17 2:40:31 17.92 mi/h
8 mi 25:47 3:06:18 18.62 mi/h
14 mi 49:47 3:56:05 16.87 mi/h
Total 56 mi 3:09:18 3:56:05 17.75 mi/h 43rd Division Rank

One thing I will say about the bike route—-IT SUCKED! The roads were truly horrible and in really bad shape. Made for a hard race when you are constantly concerned about your bike not falling apart (which I saw a few times)  This is actually one comment I wrote in the after race survey. They have to fix those roads.  I did a nice job pacing myself on the bike. At the beginning everyone was flying past me but I kept telling myself “run your race”. I had planned to use this race as a training race for IM Wisconsin so I really wanted to practice a few things and pacing was one of them! Bike was great and I was comfortable. I did need to grab some hydration from a volunteer while I was riding but proud to say neither of us died so that is a good thing. Nothing like grabbing a bottle while moving 15mph on a bike!




3.4 mi 35:00 Split time 4:36:30 Race time 10:17/mi Pace
3.2 mi 33:21 5:09:51 10:25/mi
3.2 mi 32:20 5:42:11 10:06/mi
3.3 mi 32:09 6:14:20 9:44/mi
Total 13.1 mi 2:12:50 6:14:20 10:08/mi 40th Divison Rank

The run is usually where I feel most confident then explode! So once again I decided to work on my pacing and start off nice and slow. I can’t tell you how many times I said “run your race” when people were passing me like crazy at the start of the run. But I knew if I was smart I would be passing them around mile 8 and that is exactly what happened. For the last 5 miles of the race NO ONE passed me, I passed a ton of people, and was feeling really good.  The only time I walked was at the aid stations. I always took one cup of water to dump over my head and one cup of Gatorade to drink. I didn’t feel the need for any solid nutrition but it was readily available if I needed it! I was feeling so good at mile 10 I decided to pick up the pace and negative split the run!



Swim: 39:25
Bike 3:09:18
Run 2:12:50
Overall 6:14:20

As always Ironman puts on a great race. Volunteers were great, roads were clearly marked, plenty of cold water, ice, cold sponges, food, etc.. Lots of port-a-potties (no joke that is very important to me!!!) You really do get what you paid for! I can see myself doing this race again (but seriously WI FIX your roads!!!)

Yep, I’m here at the Seven Dwarves of Ironman Training stage



I’m officially here at this stage of training!

Bitchy-Well just ask my poor kids who are on summer vacation. It is not pretty. I hope they forgive me some day

Sweaty-I have never been a sweater but recently…holy moly….I’m sweating like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs

Hungry-You don’t even want to know… I feel like I should live at an all you can eat buffet restaurant

Grumpy-You don’t want to see me in the morning, EVER!

Stinky-There are days with training, work, kids that I don’t take a shower until late at night and I might have had an early workout that day. Not pretty!

Sleepy-I feel like I’m a newborn, pregnant or 90 years old

Asshole-That goes right along with bitchy doesn’t it

**I would like to add Forgetful to the Dwarves. A few weeks ago I was at Target a few days in a row for something I forgot that was ON THE LIST, yes I had it written on a list (shaking my head)