What is next for me?

It has been exactly a month since Ironman WI. I’m feeling really good and am back to my regular workouts. I am getting questions about what is next for me so I wanted to share my plan, because I always have a plan! LOL

  1. STRENGTH TRAINING–I so miss some good heavy strength training while I’m in prime triathlon season. I have yet to find a balance of incorporating it into my training plan when I’m getting ready for a long course triathlon.  Free weights, TRX, Kettlebell, bootcamp you name it I’m doing it a few times a week and loving it!
  2. NUTRITION–During prime Ironman training my nutrition got off course a bit. You would think that would be the best time to concentrate on it  but I think I was juggling so much that I was just trying to get enough calories in my day and wasn’t always concerned with what kind they were. So I’m back to tracking it all on Myfitnesspal (MilesofGrit15 if you want to friend me) and getting back to the basics.


I’m going to try and make these soon, I hear they are amazing!

  1. RACES FOR 2016
    1. Door County 70.3, July in Wisconsin. I have only heard great things about this race so it is on my list. I do love Racine Half Ironman but I need a break from those horrible roads for a year. I can’t believe my bike came out of that race in one piece this year
    2. Marine Corp Marathon-this is a lottery race so if I don’t get in then my plan is to run the beautiful Twin Cities Marathon.
    3. Fill in the rest with some fun sprint or possible Olympic triathlons. Just your plain local races that are small and a ton of fun. My oldest son also wants to do some team relay triathlons so I want to get that on the list too. I would swim, husband would bike and son would run!
    1. My goal is once a week to post something on this blog and do some continued ambassador work for Skirtsports http://www.skirtsports.com and Momentum http://www.designsthatmoveyou.com
      **There will be a Skirtsports giveaway coming next month!

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