Tough Girl Skirtsports GIVEAWAY!! Starts 12/15 Ends 12/19


Who doesn’t need a little gift for themselves this time of year? This is the perfect gift for every girl, this skirt rocks!! I have about 5 pairs (no lie) and they are great for some many things. I can wear them walking, running, doing errands, watching hockey in a cold arena. You name it this skirt does everything. I even love the side pockets that I can put me keys, iPod, credit card, cash, etc.. in and it stays  hidden under the skirt.  Here is link to the product if you want to see more and read more reviews. This is a great skirt and I don’t know how I would winter in Minnesota without one.



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**contest for US Residents only, sorry Canadian friends

22 thoughts on “Tough Girl Skirtsports GIVEAWAY!! Starts 12/15 Ends 12/19

  1. I love wearing Skirt Sports in the summer, but in the winter (which we haven’t really experienced yet) I love wearing my thermal Spandits. They’re the only winter compression pants I’ve found that don’t cut off circulation in my ankles and compress my Achilles tendon.

  2. I love Skirt Sports Heartbreaker skirt as my go for running but love the versatility of the Tough Girl too! Especially the Tantrum print:)

  3. I hate being cold and usually overdress for the weather, not this year though. It’s 45 degrees today and supposed to be 50’s next week. Since this prize would be for my wife I will answer for her. She normally wears a pair of Nike tights a long sleeve tech shirt covered with a Nike jacket. A hat and thin gloves finish the ensemble. She dresses in much less than me!

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