I confess…I’m having an affair



Rafael is his name. My foam roller has seen more action than my husband lately (sorry honey I still love you) Oh the joys of being a 40 year old endurance triathlete!!

A few weeks ago I was sitting for an abnormally long time one day. I had just gotten a new job and for about 10 days I was working 2 jobs at once. There was one day that I had a 9+hour sitting time and that is when it hit. I remember looking at my laptop and I shifted a bit in my seat, suddenly BAM!! My piriformis muscle instantly went crazy, sharp pains, numbness……NOOOOOOOO!!!!  Only I could injure myself sitting with all the training I’m doing 🙁   About 5 years ago I had piriformis syndrome on my right side, so I knew exactly what was happening only this time it is on my left side.
While it truly hurts to sit, running and biking didn’t seem to bother me. So I carried on with my normal schedule, then suddenly my IT band started to hurt on my right side. This is an on and off injury I have had for 20 years now 🙁  UGH!!!!

Rafael has been my constant companion for 2 weeks now, we have a love/hate relationship. And my poor Sports Chiropractor has seen me once a week.  I know I will get through this but for now Rafael gets to have a close relationship with my ass and I’m OK with that. Plus that orange color, who doesn’t love orange?

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