“You should run when it is cooler, like in the morning, it is too hot to run….”

I knew it was coming…that random comment from some walker while I finished my run on a very warm Minnesota spring day. YES!! Mid 80’s is warm to us wimpy hot weather Minnesotans 🙂

I didn’t want to really go into detail with the nice old lady because I was thinking about a bath tub of ice cubes and a cold beer so instead I just nodded in agreement that I’m a moron who choose poorly. But honestly that is not true.



Here are the reasons for my insanity (or at least what she thought was my insanity)

1. I HATE mornings. Ask my family, running in the morning is not a preferred time for me. I do wish I had that ability. That jump out of bed, ready for the day and can’t wait to run ability but I don’t and I’m OK with that. Plus my husband was out of town and my oldest had a hockey game earlier in the day so I had to fit in my workout when I could this day (40min on bike + 75min run)

2. Endurance triathletes often have to run in the heat. It is just part of the race. So it is actually a good thing to periodically run when it is hotter to become acclimated to it because you most likely will have to do it on race day. During the summer I try to do at least one run a week when it is hot just to keep me acclimated.

3. We triathletes seem to like discomfort, we seem to thrive on it. So when adversity is put in front of us (hotter temps for instance) we seem to thrive on wanting to push through it and prove we can do it. We are weird like that.



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