Why training for an Ironman is much like pregnancy

I have had 3 children so I know a little about being pregnant and this is what I have discovered…..being pregnant = training for an Ironman

–You randomly fall asleep anywhere. I have woken up drooling on myself this past week more than I would like to admit

–You forget anything and everything. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been lost in my house this week or called my kids by the dog’s name


–You get a bit grumpy and moody for no reason

–You have random aches and pains that you can’t figure out where they came from. And thankfully you are so forgetful you forget that you have aches and pains.

–You are constantly getting up and trying to stretch out. It takes a strategic plan to get yourself up off the couch after a hard workout

–You see your sports Chiro or Physical Therapist as much as an OBGYN

–You feel like you need all the gadgets and the newest things to be ready

–You find others like you and instantly you are in the “club” (The Insane Club)

–You know that certain date is in the future. You are┬áscared, excited, fear you will die from the pain, unsure you are ready and preparing properly

–You are pretty sure the whole race you will swear to yourself that you will NEVER do such a thing again. But as soon as they announce your name and put that medal over your head you are already thinking of signing up for the next race.288695_2188747169830_616654468_o

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