My typical training week (as of right now)

I find that many people are fascinated by those training for an Ironman and usually questions about training come up. How much? How do you fit it in? etc…. This post I will just talk about my typical training for the week and next I will dive into the time management aspect of what my day looks like.

Be Iron Fit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness — is my bible right now! I love the way the author, Don Fink, teaches to look at training a bit different scheduling wise. Typically while training we put everything into distance, but his theory is that we never do that when setting up our day for work and home we always use time segments.  Instead of distance, think of time segments for scheduling to be more efficient in trying to balance everything.  He creates the workouts based on this theory and so far I totally agree with him. **Swim workouts are the only one distance related.

This is my week:

Monday: Swim 3,000 meters + Run 45min

Tuesday: Bike 60min + Run 30min (a true brick workout with little to no break in between bike and run)

Wednesday: Swim 3,000 meters + Bike 60min

Thursday: Bike 3 hours + Run 30min

Friday: Swim 3,000 meters + Run 60min

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Bike 30min + Run 75min


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