Thanks to those that helped me through my injury

Just a quick post of thanks:
1. Thanks to Dr. Andrew Erlandson at EastView Chiropractic. He has been great with his knowledge and expertise of ART techniques on athletic overuse injuries. He really worked with me to create a plan and got me back up and on the road again.  He is also a very nice guy who likes to talk about hockey so you can’t beat that!!!

2. Thanks to my dog, Cal IMG_1035. He is not as fast as he used to be but he does a nice job pacing me on a nice slow steady run and reminding me to stop and take it easy often (or as he calls it peeing on everything and taking a dump somewhere new)

3. As always IMG_1075 Rafael has been there to rub on my butt when no one else would. I love him and his orange tan.

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