Ugh…morning workouts



Ugh, morning workouts are my nemesis! I’m not a morning person, never have and never will be! But sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I had a long workout planned for this weekend. My husband was out of town, Dad out of town, so that meant early morning to get it done when the kids were sleeping. Saturday I was up at 4:30am (if you call what I looked like up). It looked foggy outside so I knew my 5am starting time was not happening. I decided to wait until 5:20am.

I think I was LOL the whole time as I saw things I normally would never see (and don’t really want to see again). The sunrise–overrated, all sorts of animals scarring the crap out of me. I lost count on how many deer bounded across the road right in front of me. The only good thing was little traffic and no people which is very good considering I didn’t want to be up that early. ¬†A town close by was having a festival¬†this weekend which meant lots of port-a-potties and that was something to be grateful for. Later in the workout I wanted to shout to everyone not how many miles I had done but how early I woke up since that is truly an achievement for me!

The workout was 60 very hilly miles on the bike followed by a 5 mile run. I was glad when it was over and hope to never do that again anytime soon (which means I will probably have to do it next weekend)


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