Yep, I’m here at the Seven Dwarves of Ironman Training stage



I’m officially here at this stage of training!

Bitchy-Well just ask my poor kids who are on summer vacation. It is not pretty. I hope they forgive me some day

Sweaty-I have never been a sweater but recently…holy moly….I’m sweating like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs

Hungry-You don’t even want to know… I feel like I should live at an all you can eat buffet restaurant

Grumpy-You don’t want to see me in the morning, EVER!

Stinky-There are days with training, work, kids that I don’t take a shower until late at night and I might have had an early workout that day. Not pretty!

Sleepy-I feel like I’m a newborn, pregnant or 90 years old

Asshole-That goes right along with bitchy doesn’t it

**I would like to add Forgetful to the Dwarves. A few weeks ago I was at Target a few days in a row for something I forgot that was ON THE LIST, yes I had it written on a list (shaking my head)

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